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Understanding more about ash to diamond using frequently asked questions

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For you to understand more about ash to diamond,  the following questions and answers will enlighten you well:

Why are diamonds that are made from ashes an eco-friendly and socially responsible option?

The manufacturers are committed to creating only conflict-free and environmentally friendly diamonds. Unlike natural diamond mining, which destroys ecosystems as well as campaigns that are funds-armed, man-made diamonds are created in a laboratory that is controlled environmentally, using only the required amounts of resources. Free from unethical labor and environmental harm or trade practices, the personal laboratory-created diamonds from the ashes are peaceful and pure just like the gems themselves.

How long have the diamonds which are laboratory-grown been on the market?

The first successful commercially laboratory-grown diamond was achieved by H. Tracy Hall, who was a physical chemist that worked for General electric in 1954. Until recently, the majority of laboratory-grown diamonds were utilized for industrial purposes only. Because of the recent advancement in technology, laboratories can readily produce gem-quality diamonds. They are beautiful diamonds that are eco-friendly and less expensive as an alternative to the expensive and rare earth mined diamonds.

What is the difference that exists between earth-mined and laboratory-grown diamonds?

The diamonds which are grown in a laboratory are the same as the earth mined diamonds, having a similar chemical composition, fire, timeless beauty, hardness, unique colors, and quality. A laboratory-grown diamond is normally less expensive as compared to a mined one.

How popular are the diamonds which are laboratory created?

Within the last decade, diamonds that are high-quality laboratory-created have increased rapidly in their popularity. As per the recent industry statistics, about 70% of women feel that they would prefer laboratory-grown diamonds as compared to the diamonds which are earth mined. As an eco-friendly and beautiful alternative, more people each day are preferring laboratory-grown diamonds.

How do the cremation diamond prices and the earth-mined diamond prices compare?

Because of the scarcity of the colored diamonds that are found in the earth, price research is indicative of the laboratory-grown diamonds going as low as 70% as compared to the price of particular earth mined colored diamonds of the same color, and size, cut and clarity. Due to there being own production facilities, it is possible to offer lower prices for the cremation diamonds.

How long does it take to come up with a cremation diamond?

The production time of the cremation diamonds is 70 days to 120 days, the fastest turnaround time that exists in the industry.

What is it that makes the cremation diamonds to be a unique commemorative option?

They are normally one-of-a-kind keepsakes that cannot be duplicated. Among the most indestructible and hardest substance on earth, the diamond that is made from the ashes does capture the love essence as well as the legacy which can continue to be treasured for several generations to come. To ensure that the memories are kept close to your heart, you can go ahead and select among the various jewelry setting so that you can receive a diamond in a stunning necklace, earring, or ring.

Whether you are looking for a stunning statement piece for a night out or an elegant accessory for your everyday wardrobe, a coloured gemstone rings are the perfect choice.

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