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Three Important Tips when Buying Wax Dab Rigs for Sale

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A dab rig is a kind of water pipe designed to be used with oils or wax concentrates through the process called dabbing. While you can use any water pipe for dabbing, you can get the most from your concentrates by using the right dab rig for the job. When choosing one of the wax dab rigs for sale, it is important to consider function, portability, water volume, and durability. Whether you prefer a small rig that fits in your hand or a big one that is meant to sit on a coffee table, it is about your preference. But, dab rigs on the market come with varying designs and if you are dabbing in a higher-traffic environment, you want a low-profile rig with a heavy, sturdy base and thick walls. Read on to know some tips when buying a dab rig:

Know what to Look For

If you are ready to take the plunge and buy a dab rig, ensure you get a worthwhile piece. You want one with the right size, so it fits comfortably in one hand. Also, the dab rig must fit your style and preferences and comes with a dab nail.

Know Everything About Dab Nails

The dab rig and nail work together to produce the best vapor from your wax. The nail is the actual place where you dab the waxy oil and where it is vaporized so it can be inhaled through the rig. If you want a rig that suits your needs, pick the right nail that can help accentuate your entire smoking experience and take it to the next level. Your options include titanium, quartz ceramic, polycarbonate, and glass nails that come at varying price ranges.

In the concentrate world, there is a debate about whether quartz or titanium is the better option for dabbing. For most people, both are mostly interchangeable; however, a lot of experienced dabbers swear by quartz for the best flavor. But, the rest of the options also have their pros and cons so try to weigh something in the balance before making a choice.

Buy the Rig from the Right Place

Buy a dab rig from a legitimate and reputable headshop with positive reviews. You can find rigs at any head shop and different online stores. But, choose a quality glass shop where you can try the piece with water inside it. While you will not be able to test the rig with a concentrate, you can see how it feels.

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