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Six Awesome Tips when Using a Hoverboard

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Riding your hoverboard will be as easy as riding your bike if you take time practicing. After you learn the basics of riding this device, you can ride your board in your sleep. The majority of those who are just starting to use the hoverboard will experience a few falls. Because the board is based on your balance, you need to feel comfortable and have the right approach. When getting on your board, make sure to follow these rules:

Determine your Dominant Foot

Before you step on the hoverboard, stand on one leg to know which foot is your dominant foot. Placing your dominant food on your board first will let you control your board easier. Get more tips at https://www.scootersleuth.com/.

Put your Second Foot on the Board Lightly and Stand Straight Up

If you have both feet on the hoverboard, do not stand with bent knees or look down in front of you. No matter the direction your body is aiming, your board will go there. When standing upright, you may not fall right away. Consider approaching the board with a comfortable wide stance so you can feel the most balance.

Guide your Hoverboard Forward and Backward

You can get comfortable with turning maneuvers by guiding your board forward and backward in small movements. With this, you can also decide whether or not you feel more comfortable using your body weight or ankles to guide the board.

Master your Turns

At first, you will find turning a bit complicated. However, once you master the foot tilt, you will be good at it. Make use of your feet to turn. If you want to turn left, you must learn your left foot farther than your right. Do the same with your right foot to complete a right turn.

Try the Board on New Terrains

A hoverboard keeps its charge longest if they are on slick flooring such as smooth cement or laminate. While you will not get a full ten-minute ride, you can ride in grass, smooth dirt, gravel, and carpet. Every terrain will provide you with a different ride and feel.

Learn to Stop

Every hoverboard has a maximum tilt that can hold the rider’s weight and speed. Tilting too far and going too fast will let the board start beeping. Exceeding the tilt and speed lets the motors shut off and you will be thrown off. If you don’t want to get injuries lean back a bit to reduce the tilt and speed.

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