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Read This If You Are Interested to Buy 2020 Dodge Challenger

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As per the market research report, 2020 Dodge Challenger model has been ranked as 3rd among the sports car category and people have given a score of 7.9/10.

So are you planning to buy one? while visiting 2020 Dodge challenger dealers Miami, you may ask below questions to know more about this vehicle.

  • Is this Dodge Challenger really a good car?

Based on its performance and feature, certainly it is one of the good cars in the market. You will find its ride quite smooth, and has well-built cabin, that will offer plenty of room. As compared to many other cars, it has more passenger space.

Besides that, the Challenger is quite large among the class of sports cars, as compared to most of the other cars in competition with this.

However, few things that you must watch out are:

  • This car may be little less agile
  • Its mileage may also not be too attractive
  • Should I go ahead to buy Dodge Challenger?

Though this Challenger may cost a bit higher than many other models of sports cars, that should not discourage people to buy it.

If you are after good engine power as well as number of passengers that you can carry in the vehicle, then this can be right choice for you.

You can also make an apple to apple comparison with few similar cars available in the market and also have a good look at this model and make your decision.

  • Should I buy a new or a used Dodge Challenger?

You can certainly save few thousands of dollars if you buy a used Challenger, but may miss few recent updates. However, you will not miss out too much, if you decide to go for 2017 model or any newer than that.

If you are really interested to buy used model, then read reviews of the Dodge Challenger models of the year between 2017 to 2019.

Find out about used car deals and discounts that can give you savings on used vehicles.

  • How much will Dodge Challenger cost?

If you look at the base price of Challenger SXT then it can be around $29,000, that can be little above average cost.

If you go for higher end model then price will also increase accordingly.  Price may start from around $35,000 to as high as about $72,000.

Therefore, based on your budget and the choice that you have, you can select your model.

You may also read comparative review of this model with other varieties available in the market.

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