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How to Choose Your Next Bong

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Whether you’ve used a bong before or this is your first time, it can be confusing when you see the amount of different types of bongs that are available out there. From simple, budget bongs to cool novelty models, here is what to look for when you get your smoke on.

Find a specialist retailer

You can buy bongs from a wide variety of places, and have no doubt seen them on markets and in unexpected shops. But it’s much better to buy them from a retailer who specialises in bongs, lighters, peace pipes, grinders and other smoking products. This will ensure you buy the best quality bong for your money.

Get the right size

Smaller bongs have advantages such as:

  • Being portable
  • Discreet
  • Easy to use wherever you like
  • Less likely to break

However, serious smokers may want to opt for a larger bong, which gives advantage such as:

  • Being suitable for bigger lung capacities
  • Allowing for customisation
  • Being available in more styles

The right size of bong will ensure you enjoy your smoking experience more.

Choose quality materials

Bongs come in a wide variety of materials. In general, glass is the most popular material, and it can be practical and easy to clean. Ceramic is also good, as it stays warm and is easy to use. Avoid plastic bongs, as although they are cheap, they can be made of inferior materials and can even melt if not properly formed.

Design options

There are also lots of design options available for bongs. The classic glass ones come in different colours, and you can also get fun novelty bongs that are shaped like animals or aliens. While novelty ones are fun, make sure they are also practical, otherwise you might spend a lot on a bong you won’t use very much.

If you’re a serious smoker, using a bong is an excellent way to get your hit, without having to use tobacco or other additives. However, not all bongs are alike, some are more effective than others, so take some time and research the right bong for you. A good quality bong is a big purchase, they can often cost more than a hundred dollars, so you don’t want to choose one that doesn’t work for you. While there are cheap options like acrylic bongs, it’s worth considering investing in something glass or ceramic so you get quality for your money.

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