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Essential Tips to Keep in Mind when Buying a UTV

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Although a lot of people use UTVS or side-by-sides only for recreational purposes, others have found it to be useful in their everyday lives. UTVs are especially used by people in rural areas or farms where they need to haul farm equipment and goods. But, buying a UTV is not cheap. Whether you want to invest in a new or used UTV, it will cost you some hard-earned cash. Also, manufacturers have expanded their capacity to keep offering more to the UTV market. You can find some of the best options for Performance NC online. Just take the time to do your research so you will end up with the vehicle that is right for your needs. If you are planning to buy a UTV, the tips below can help ease the shopping process:

Test Drive the UTV

Never rush the process of purchasing a side by side. You need to give yourself enough time to take the vehicle out for a test drive. During the test drive, pay attention to the following:

  • Starting. The UTV must burst into life right away when you turn it on. If the engine takes a long time to start, this could mean it has a weak battery.
  • Stopping. The brakes are one of the most important parts of a side by side vehicle. Ensure the vehicle has a firm pedal. Otherwise, you will be in for some repairs.
  • Stability. The UTV should feel stable enough when you are on it. Ensure the ride feels straight and tight.

Other things you must keep an eye on include the smoke, speed, and slippage. As the engine runs, ensure the exhaust does not produce too much smoke. In general, UTVs are made with high power, so the speed must be translated well into their performance. Finally, the CVT belt must not feel like it is slipping.

Check the Driveline

UTVs are equipped with CV boots and axles because they are meant to withstand off-road trail or park. These parts are composed of the vehicle’s driveline. Generally, it’s important to keep in mind the driveline should not produce any noise when taking the UTV out for a test drive.

Check the Oil

This can be done by taking out the oil dipstick and sniffing it. The oil should not smell terrible; otherwise, it could mean a serious engine problem.

Check the Gas Tank

This is particularly important if you are buying a used UTV. Smell the gas tank and ensure it does not smell rancid. Otherwise, this means issues with the fuel injection system and the need for a carburetor overhaul.

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